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Open up the windows and let the fresh new air in. Spring cleaning begins with the mind, body and spirit. Release any emotions you’re holding on to, anger, bitterness, frustration, and sluggishness are the feelings that come to our minds, especially in 2020. Can you allow to yourself sit with your emotions without judgement? Cry, laugh hysterically, scream into your pillow, let that shit out.

We don’t think Marie Kondo-ing your home is for everyone, I personally am always going to have messy drawers and no amount of lockdown / isolation will make me change this, but we are strong believers in cleansing yourself and your home of anything that no longer serves you, the process can be cathartic and you will feel incredibly lighter. Donate to local charities / Sell it / Throw it (responsibly) out. Change your space. We love a rearrange of the furniture, art and plants in our home at this time of year.

These words by Tess Guinery have always stuck with me:

When I say I need time alone, what I really mean is;

I want to move all the furniture around and then move it all back. I want to paint something and leave the brushes to bristle because I decided to go wash my hair. I’ll forget to take my multi-v’s because I was busy trying on dresses and suddenly I’ll move every plant to the tiles in the sunroom just to water them. The plants will make like a jungle at the front door because there was that book I once read that explained the cycle of butterflies. I’ll scavenge to find it and in my hunt I’ll find old photos and sleep in nostalgia for what feels like ten minutes and suddenly it’s dusk. Dinner will be the last thing on my mind and I’ll likely throw a handful of vegetables into some batter and in amongst the kitchen mess I’ll pour some spanish wine and close my eyes at the same time. I’ll light some candles, open all the windows, change the sheets and fall asleep early because nothing excites me more. When I say I need time alone, this is really what I mean.




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