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Find Balance. This year has been the strangest year for many of us by far, and that feeling of balance has felt difficult to achieve. Where do you feel in and out of balance in your life? Day and night are a similar length throughout spring, can you find ways to bring your daily routine into balance in the same way? Move your body every day, but also give yourself permission to rest every day.

Everyone is different, some people crave routine, others like to go with the flow of the day and may not have or need a set routine but have some practices they enjoy every other day. Our tips for finding balance in spring at home are:

  1. Wake up with enough time to have a moment to yourself.
  2. Find outdoor activities you love and can enjoy before you start your day and/or at the end of the day. We have our coffee outside most mornings now that the weather is getting warmer, we practice the Jivamukti magic ten to wake our body up, we also try to go for a walk after our working day if it isn’t raining. Being outside in the elements for part of our day brings us balance as oppose to being inside with no exposure to fresh air or sunlight.
  3. If you can’t go outside can you open up your windows to let fresh new energy and air in and stagnant energy out?
  4. Do some light cleaning in the morning. Shin-Buddhist Monk, Shoukei Matsumoto’s ‘A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind’ states that “Cleaning is the act of mindfulness because it roots you in the present moment”. Cleaning up means having external and internal benefits, a clear mind.
  5. Don’t look at a screen all day. Allocate time through your day where you look at your phone, set a timer on your phone so you don’t end up mindlessly scrolling through Instagram for 2 hours. If you work on a computer for most of the day, remember to take regular breaks.
  6. Eat spring produce. Being in balance with the season means eating in balance with it too, you will find that our bodies are naturally craving a lot of the herbs, fruit and vegetables that are in season. Click here for some spring produce ideas to nourish our bodies.

These aren’t always achievable and won't work for everyone. Find what you love to bring some joy and balance to your day. if you don’t accomplish what you want there is always tomorrow.

Shani x

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